Get free DoFollow backlinks from DR91 Step-by-step

I feel exactly the same way every time I create a new dofollow backlink for free and it eventually gets indexed, helping me achieve my link-building goals. Seeing the first successes in Google rankings and website visits can make SEO a really enjoyable experience. Today, I suggest using an artistic approach to achieve these goals. Specifically, let's create a profile on!

Deviantart as the biggest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts, DeviantArt offers a great opportunity to become a part of its community. Moreover, I can show you a trick to get free dofollow backlinks from this high-quality website.

Get free dofollow backlinks

Register for a free account on

Free dofollow backlinks

To begin, register for free and create an account by visiting this link:


Select your preferred activity on DeviantArt – I suggest being honest and choosing "PROMOTE MYSELF."

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To proceed, select a minimum of three topics that interest you.

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Afterwards, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address by clicking on the link provided. Once you have confirmed, click on "BROWSE ART."


Click on the menu located in the upper right-hand corner and select "ACCOUNT SETTINGS."

Free dofollow backlinks Step-by-step

On this page, you can view your DeviantArt profile's name and URL. Click on the link to access your personal page. In my case, it is - what else?.

Make your profile more appealing by adding a banner and an avatar. Next, scroll down to the ABOUT section.

Get free DoFollow backlink Step-by-step

Click on "EDIT" to begin, but make sure to read my how-to guide for detailed instructions. Following the correct steps is crucial to obtaining free, high-quality dofollow backlinks on

Generate dofollow backlinks for free on

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Here's the trick: Visit your profile on, which you should have already created. Copy and paste the text from your ABOUT ME section into your DeviantArt profile, then click SAVE.

Note: Do not use the HTML code from the source code. Instead, use plain text with links from the website.

Ignore the other sections in this menu, such as About or Social Media, as they will only provide you with nofollow backlinks.

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That's all that is required for successful link building.

By the way, I suggest unsubscribing from all types of notifications by turning them off in the menu under Account Settings -> General -> Notification Settings. This will save you from unnecessary distractions.

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